Sunday, July 21, 2013

Have you lost your loaf

Up North - Known as a Bread Cake

The weather was not scorching, but it was ideal for a BBQ, I wanted to demonstrate my baking skills.  I whipped the old Baking book out and looked at bread cakes.  The bread is a sweet bread but goes down well with a Sweet Chilli burger.

Coconut and Date Flapjack

Nutty time

Ok  had my cooking head on and was in a fruity mood.  So here is what I came with up with.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some Like it hot - My Burgers

Home Made Burgers

I love burgers however they taste much better, when you know what is going into them.  I had a chat with my local butcher he said you should not really get much shrinkage when you grill your burgers (most of the time burgers are filled with rubbish).  I said to him I'll put your theory to the test and see if that's true

Meaty Burger with minimal fat, very lean beef.
Burgers left in fridge for 30 mins

 Please note I used my own little secret ingredients, only for your eyes.
 Ok now we are talking I did this burger on the George Foreman grill looking good.
 I made some Avacado Salsa, with Tomato, Red and Green peppers, herbs Olive oil garlic and Black pepper.

The spicy wedges were McCains, I didn't have time to make them myself due to time constraints.
 Up close and personal shot again.
 Here you get to see the wider shot, your probably thinking there's not much on the plate, and you are right, however after eating the burger; you be stuffed.
He's the money shot, mouth watering meaty burger, it went down well with my wife and daughter and that's all that matters.

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Siminel Cake

The Easter Cake in Summer

The original idea was to make this cake over Easter however my wife robbed my marzipan so I could not make the cake.  So I trotted off to the shop and got some more marzipan some months later..

 The balls was the hardest part you had to grill them under the grill to get that authentic brown look.

 When I cut into the cake it seemed OK, considering this was my first attempt.

 Seeing the golden balls from a different angle, I guess the perspective is still the same hmm.
 My first cut of the cake, I suppose it was that ritual you go through.

There's always something nice about getting up close and personal with your cake.  Can't quite put my finger on it, but the relationship between cake and camera is something special.

Those golden balls..!