Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making your own fresh Pizza is so much more fun.


 I made a basic Pizza base, much nicer than a commercial one, Passata with black pepper and basil on the base.  Half the Pizza was ham and tomato, the other half was Rocket tomato and Mozeralla cheese.

It needs about 15 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees once it's cooked slide it out onto a wood top and cut into slices, don't forget your salad.

One last thing be creative with your salad, add some olive oil, black pepper & basil.   If you want to add some spice, add a little chilli flakes this will give it a little kick...!

My version of Steak Calzone

I've been cooking but not updated my picture lately.  Well I did a Calzone some time ago but it didn't go according to plan.  So I thought I would do try my hand at it again see the evidence for yourself.

It's always about the curves, well at least I think so..!

Now that's what I call a lovely pair of pastry.

Looking tasty..!

Never leave out the salad.

Very nice.

I guess I'd better start a thinking about eating this.

Fruit does make it taste better.
Right enough of this..

Your all mine..mmmmm